Quiet Dreams Bolero, called Rollo


I have been searching for a new line for my breeding program for a long time and conscientiously. And exactly 4 days before Christmas 2017, I fulfilled my wish and got Bolero in Helsinki.


He is a son of Whiteheart Lane Tex Miller and Milei's Lady of Love. Whiteheart Lane Tex Miller is INT CH, Nordic CH, Findland CH, Denmark CH, Sweden CH, Estonian CH, Latvian CH, Lithuania CH and Baltic CH, and also Baltic Winner 2012 and Latvian Winner 2013.


He has already won all our hearts through his lovely friendly nature. In all my years as a breeder, it was the first time, I met a puppy, which every morning waiting for a driving tour on the dust-cleaner. showing pictures of it.

Now we will follow his development and exhibit him from time to time


Bolero have a great life by the boarding family together with a playmate. he develops nicely and soon will be one year in age.

Born: 25. 10. 2017

Health information:

PH1 - clear

CMR - clear

DM - clear

HU - clear

Von willebrands disease - clear

Neonatal Cerebellar Ataxi - clear





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