On this site you can see some of dogs, which the last 25 years has been a part of my breeding or have had big importance for my breeding work. I will underneath each photo tell you something about each dog or picture. Some are articles, letters or stories about how the breed has changed. The breed has changed a lot the last 25 years, and it has been an exciting journey to breed - and to mold the dogs through breeding the last 25 years. Enjoy.

Isabella is in many ways the foundation of my Kennel. She is mother to my firstborn Danish Champion - Anatol. Above to the left, it is Isabella and one of her daughters, which she was retired from breeding with. Isabella was 13 years old when she died because of a worm-infection. She was to the day she died never sick. She is the reason I have these big black eyes in my breeding program. You can see that she was colored, which I later on have bred my way out of. I still have her line in my female Fortuna. She was born: 29.08.1993.

Isabella du Fond de la Chenaie

As I wrote earlier Anatol was the first born danish champion in my kennel. I did not have my kennel name yet, and that is why he does not have the “Jespersen’s” name. Anatols line I do still have in both Kenlynn’s Ballade, which also is father so several Jespersen’s dogs, and Anatol is also the grandfather to my female Fortuna.

Born: 14.08.1997.


Max fra Cattledrivers castle og Ambra fra mig i USA.

Don Dino v.d.Klusmatt was my first studdog, but I only kept him for a year or so. Born: 02.01.1997.

Don Dino v.d.Klusmatt

Sörreds Paraiso Fils Famoso De Inox was on of my first studdogs. He was with me for a year or so, like Don Dino v.d.Klusmatt. He is born the: 08.05.2001.

Sörreds Paraiso Fils Famoso de Inox

Here you can see Cotonbrie Regina, one of my first breeding females. She had beautiful big and black eyes. On the first picture she is with Jespersen’s Don Quixote, from my Havanese breeding. Born: 06.01.2000.

Cotonbrie Regina

This is Udin Of The Emperer’s Dream. She is the mother to many fantastic Jespersens dogs. For example: 3xworldwinner Jespersen’s Ajax; Jespersen’s Dannish Viking, Jespersen’s Duende Flamenco(father to my 2xworldwinner Bahia), Jespersen’s Patek Philippe and Jespersen’s Candice Classic and so on.


She had a fantastic white coat, big and easy to maintain. Which she has given to her offsprings. She is an important part of my kennel, and her line is still with me today. In my own Flamencoton Bahiya, and her offsprings Jespersen’s Montana and Jespersen’s Cacharell. She is born the 27th of November 2000. I can thank her for so much.

Udin of the Emperer´s Dream

Unik Of The Emperer’s Dream is the litter sister to Udin Of The Emperer’s Dream. Unik was our little princess. Her sister was always dirty - and she loved it. Where Unik always tried to avoid any dirt. She was retired from breeding - with 6 years in age. She is still going strong - 15 years old with some friends of ours. She is mother to several Jespersen’s dogs - like Jespersen’s Maxime-Luna. Born:27.11.2000.

Unik of the Emperer´s Dream

Here is an old article about the breed. You can see how the breed has changed - the heads is nearly the same, but the rest of the dog has changed a lot.

This male has had a big importance for my kennel. His two daughters are Unik and Udin, which I bought in The Nederlands. They have given me so much.

Hallo Rosale-belle v.d.Klusmatt daughter of Madison River du Domaine de la Rouviere.  She was the perfect little female in size. Once a judge told me, that she was too small. But today we know, that she had the perfect size for a Coton de Tulear female. Born: 22.05.1997.

Hallo Rosalee-Belle v.d.Klusmatt

This is Madison River du Domaine de la Rouviere which is father to some of my first breeding dogs. He, Mississippi Blues du Domaine de la Rouviere, Irving Jazz and Ithalique can be found in almost every pedigree, and has the same parents, but are from different litters.

Madison River du Domaine de la Rouviere

Xander of the Swift Cotton was my study until 2004, where I sold him. He is the father to 3 times World Winner Jespersen’s Ajax, Jespersen’s Patek Phillippe, Jespersen’s Maxime-Luna and many more. He has given so many nice puppies. Underneath you see a HD-photo, which we in the beginning made on all our dogs. Born: 04.12.1998.

Xander of the Swift Cotton

Jespersen’s Mango-Millenium is out of one of my very first litters. At that time we showed the dogs with “natural heads” with the hair hanging down. This you rarely see at a show today. Born the 2nd of April 2000.

Jespersen´s Mango-Millenium

Jespersen’s Emma - a lovely breeding female which has given so many beautiful off springs. She is retired and lives with some nice people. She is born: 14.03.1999.

Jespersen´s Emma

The Titan-Beau

The Titan-Beau a lovely studdog, which has given wonderful puppies. He has a nice size and fantastic pigmentation. He is father to several Jespersen’s dogs - like Jespersen’s Dannish Viking. He is born: 15.02.2002.

Jespersen´s Prince of Denmark

Jespersen’s Prince of Denmark son of Xander of the Swift Cotton and Jespersen’s Madonna-Belle. He is living in Canada with Karen Black. He is a grandchild of Madison River Du Domaine de la Rouviere. Born: 23.02.2003.4

Jespersen´s Ajax

One of the most famous Jespersen’s dogs must be Jespersen’s Ajax. 3 times World Winner - and one time European Winner. Born: 07.07.2002.

A letter which was publicized after WDS in Dortmund 2003, where Jespersen’s Ajax participated and won. First time World Winner out of 3.

Jespersen´s Zander

One of my favorite pictures of our puppies. Jespersen’s Zander. He is son of Emma and Xander. He came to Greenland, and lived there and he later on got a female with him. He had a lovely life there. He is born the 24th of February 2003.

Here you can see Liliane with Jespersen’s Dannish Vikingo and Carmen Ortiz owner of Jespersen’s Ajax to the world dog show. Boys underneath.

Jespersen´s Nuumit

Jespersen’s Nuumit out of Jespersen’s Emma and Xander of the Swift Cotton came to the US, where I delivered her. It was my first trip to the US, where I showed Chu-Chu which was her call-name. Born: 04.03.2001.

Jespersen´s Patek Philippe

We jump to 2005. Here is Jespersen’s Patek Philippe, which was born: 19.02.2005. On the picture he is a puppy. He has been showed for the French judge who wrote the standard. His judgment of Patek took 10 minutes - he won! He is today Danish champion.

Here you can read an article from 1997 - at that point there only was 100 Coton de Tulears in Denmark, now there is 10.000.

Aurora du Domaine de la Rouviere

Aurora de Domaine de La Rouviere. She participated on the Eurodog show in Helsinki - and received rec.cacib. On the picture in the middle, you can see Aurora with Claudia Nowak in Spain. She was an wonderful Coton, which is a big part of the newest Kennel Jespersen’s generation. She is the mother to Jespersen’s Chili Pepper, Jespersen’s Leonardo da Vinci and Jespersen’s Captain Jack Sparrow. She is now retired by a nice family. Born: 24.02.2005.

A Sweet Lady du Domaine de la Rouviere

A Sweet Lady du Domaine de la Rouviere is halfsister to Aurora de Domaine de la Rouviere. She went to Spain with her sister Aurora, where she was showed by Claudia Nowak. I have known Claudia since she was 13 years old, and we both lived in Vienna. She has always been interested in dogs and exhibition, and has shown one of my havaneses to the World Dog show 2003 in Dortmund. When I bought Aurora and Lady in 2005, I was moving home, so I decided to let them show by Claudia in Spain. Claudia has taught many breeders how to groom and handle. Claudia had huge success with the girls, but they went back home before they could finish their Spanish Championship with Claudia Nowak. Lady was later sold to another breeder. Born in 2005.

Uxane de Vishka Land

Uxane de Vishka Land bought in France. She bloomed after she came to me, where she became the mother to 3 lovely litters. She is now retired and lives by a loving family, who love her deeply. She is born: 22.08.2003.

Here you see Jespersen’s Chiffon De Blanc’ born: 14.02.2005.

Here she is as an adult.

Vorupør´s Focus

Vorupør’s Focus father to the most winning Coton in Denmark 2014. Focus was a dreamdog. He unfortunately did not get quite old, because he was hit by a car. Focus quickly won the title “Danish Champion”, and his line goes on - also in my kennel today. He is the father to Crufts BOS winner 2014 - Uniq Coton Conrad Scandia. We are very proud of Focus, and his offsprings.

The house in Brovst

The house inside


Here you see the house, where everything started, in Brovst. We had a lovely time in Brovst, where everything was built for the dogs. I especially loved my Garden, which was beautiful. We had our own lake, where the dogs loved swimming. We have so many memories from Brovst.

We had a huge dogsroom for all our dogs in Brovst, with sofas for them and lots of space to play. At that point we had more dogs than we have now, because be both bred Coton de Tulears and Bichon havannas. Therefor it was important that the dogs had lots of space to play, and that they could live with us in the house. There was also room for a office for me in the dogroom. The dogs lived with us in the house, which they still do - they are family.

This was my grooming area in Brovst, everything was decorated for the dogs, and we was told by the Danish Kennel Club, which visited us that our kennel was a 5-stars kennel. The dogs has since the beginning been very important for us - they are our life. We want to give them the best thinkable life as long as they are with us. The big zink is such a great thing, when having several dogs at home.

Focus - freestand in the front.

Focus as puppy.

Jespersen´s Chiffon de Blanc

Focus as youngdog - a lovely face.

Jespersen's Duende Flamenco

Here is Jespersen's Duende Flamenco. He is a very special dog who has great importance for the latest Jespersen's generation. He is in fact the father of my 2 x World Winner Flamencoton Bahiya. He is also the father of Flamencoton Eternity, which is also a World Winner. Dudu, as he is called, is the father of many champions, and it must be said to be a unique achievement that he is the father to two world winners. Dudu is also: French Champion, Spanish Champion Portuguese Champion, Luxembourg Champion, Gibraltar Champion, Morocco Champion, Slovenia Champion, Swedish Champion, Finnish Champion, International Champion, Catalonia Jr. Champion, Porto Winner 2012. Born: 11.03.2007 . His parents are Udin of The Emperer ''s Dream and Xander of the Swift Cotton.

Calvin du Castel de la Roche aux Fees

Calvin du Castel de la Roche aux Fees is one of my newest studdogs. He is the father of many great puppies. He has incredibly strong pigment and black eyes. He has the most beautiful face. He is the father of all Bahiya's puppies, which I have kept two of. He is among others the father of DKCH SECH INTCH NOCH NORDCH Jespersen's Leonardo da Vinci, KLBJCH DKJV14 KLBJTW14 KLBTW14 Jespersen's Invictus, Lithuania Jr. Champion, Latvian Jr. champion, Estonian Jr. Champion, Baltic Jr. Champion, 4th best male World Dog Show 2014 Jespersen's Sydney and Champ Jespersen's Excalibur. Not to forget my own female Jespersen's Cacharell and newest studdog Jespersen's Montana.


Calvin has been showed once or two, but never loved it, so he was only showed two times. He has had a fantastic dog's life by his family in Northern Jutland, who loves him very much. Calvin is now retired and enjoying life with his family. We thank his family for their patience and love for Calvin - and all the work they have done with him for us. Born: 16.02.2007.

Jespersen's Candice-Classic

Jespersen's Candice Classic, en kuldsøster til Jespersen's Duende Flamenco. Jeg beholdte selv Capri, og hun blev hurtigt Karsten's et og alt. Han trænede hende til udstillinger osv. Vi deltog på en udstilling med Capri i juniorklasse - sammen med 14 andre juniortæver. Hun blev da også valgt ud mellem de 3 bedste juniortæver. Vi skulle gå en sidste runde for dommeren. Capri sætter sig - og vil ikke gå længere! Hun var ikke vild med at udstille, så hun fik et dejligt liv som familie - og avlstæve i stedet. Hun har det smukkeste lille ansigt, og er mor til mange skønne Jespersen's hunde. Hun er nu pensioneret fra avl.

Flamencoton Bahiya

Flamencoton Bahiya. 2 x World Winner - my soulmate. Bahiya is a very special dog. She means the world to me. She has given me and my kennel so many amazing experiences. She was Junior World Winner 2009 - and World Winner 2010. A very big accomplishment that I am incredibly proud of. She has always loved to be showed, and goes proudly. She has always been self-confident and showcased herself. She talks to us, and can long sit to "chirp" loose, yes until she gets what she wants.


We love her very much, and she is the mother of the latest Jespersen's generation. My new stud Jespersen's Montana and my new breeding female Jespersen's Cacharell. We thank her for all the amazing puppies, she has given. For example: INT & MULTI CH Jespersen's Excalibur, KLBJCH DKJV14 KLBJTW14 KLBTW14 Jespersen's Invictus, Litaunsk Jr. Champion, Latvian Jr. champion, Estonian Jr. Champion, Baltic Jr. Champion, 4th best male World Dog Show 2014 Jespersen's Sydney and many more . We expect much of the latest generation.


DKCH SECH Dech DEVDHCH DKV11 DKKV12 Fortuna, out of Jespersen's Pretty Harmony and Kennlyn's Ballade. Fortuna is a very special female who really have achieved tremendous success in the show ring. She was with just 10 months Danish winner in 2011. She has had lovely puppies - with my new stud Jespersen's Montana. I hope to keep a girl after her and Jespersen's Montana. Born: 13.01.2011.

Jespersen's Montana - Monti, my newest stud. He is out of my 2 x World Winner Flamencoton Bahiya. Monti has a deep soul, you can look in his eyes and see his soul. He has already given many lovely puppies that have undoubtedly gained much from their father. Both coat, beautiful black eyes and pigmentation. He is a part of the latest Jespersen's generations, and has several of the dogs you see above in his pedigree. Born: 03/02/2013

Jespersen's Cacharell

Jespersen's Cacharell, my newest female. She is the younger sister of Monti. The two have exactly the same soul, and can not live without each other. They are always together. Monti has learned Katja so many tricks and mischief. Katja has been shown a couple of times in junior class - and it must be said she has done a great job. BOS 3 times and best junior. We are very proud of her. Born: 28.0.2013.

Jespersen's Montana

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