I wanted to let you know about Jack.


I bought him from you 16 years ago.


He's been such a good dog and has produced some beautiful puppies!


He hasn't had any significant health issues, just minor things like removing a growth over his eye. He's never been sick. His coat is absolutely gorgeous!

Hi Brigitte,


The best feeling in the world is to see Danica, and Sadie running free on the beach. You can see in the pictures, their little footprints marking the sand. When we first got here, Danica was discovering new things like the waves coming in, or the huge horseshoe crabs that are found on the beach. No swimming yet, as the water is too cold. I have been pleasantly surprised that it is quite easy to clean her up after making a mess on the beach. I have a great technique of using a high power blow dryer to get the sand off her feet and belly, and dry her off before coming in the house. Danica is loves to play fetch, and I have to sometimes say let’s slow down since you had cautioned about taking it easy on the growing bones. I will send video in next email - she is maybe running a little too hard, but I can say that she is having a blast for sure! We carry her on the stairs, and she knows to not jump from bed or sofa, and we are conscious to protect her growing body so that she can be strong and healthy to run as hard as she pleases when she is a little older.


Sadie has been working on her letter to her pen pal, and I think that today would be a good day to finish it up and send off to Jenny. I am sure Sadie will say it’s ok to share with you. She wanted to include pictures so I just pulled those off the phone to include with the letter.


Here are some recent pics of Danica, which I hope will make you happy. She is so loved by everyone, especially Michael, Sadie, and me. To have her in our family is such a blessing, and again, I want to thank you Brigitte for connecting us with our little soul mate.


How are you? Do you have puppies coming soon? Has spring come in Denmark?


Blessings to your family.



Good morning Brigitte and Karsten:-)


A good morning greeting from all of us!


Ollie slept so well last night - he has only said something a few times so impressive. Jesper choosed to lay on the floor;-) with Ollie and put his hand to him, and  immediately Ollie was calm again. He is simply so easy and seems satisfied and happy. He has been eating very well this morning and drinked too - I put a little pâté and it immediately helped. He loves bones from the butcher too.


Now he is soon in the car, the boys are going to school.


Ollie is great and the boys are in heaven.Ollie has now been in Williams class William was so proud of course. All the kids think he was soft and lovely like a teddy bear and they was so careful to Ollie, who did it so well. Tomorrow Gustav like to show his class Ollie.


Now we are at home Ollie and I, and he climbed immediately in his basket, tired. Lovely day from us to you!


Love from the family in Aabenraa and Ollie

Dear Brigitte


I have been enjoying all the pictures of Bahiya's puppies!  It is so hard to believe that they are ready for their forever homes.  It seems like yesterday that I was reading of their birth!  They are so beautiful and their new families are so lucky to have these little ones.  I know you have parted with many, many puppies, but I bet it still brings a tear to your eye each time.  However, I know that you choose their new homes very carefully and that makes it a little easier to let them go.  Thank you again for allowing me to be your friend on Facebook!  Not only do I enjoy the pictures, but I love to read what you write.  It is so obvious how much love and care you and your husband put into your animals and your breeding program.  Gus and  Zoe are such dear little friends, and I cannot imagine my life without them...


Blessings Lynn Pulliam, Atlanta, GA, U.S.A

Hello Brigitte


I can tell you that it goes great with little Sofus, which we have decided to name him him. He is fully pottytrained, very playful, loving and with great personality:-)


Amalie is very pleased with Sofus and vice versa, so it is absolutely perfect. Sofus is a great family dog and he has quickly learned to walk with a leash, come when we call and so on.


We also have a groomer in the neighborhood, who has experience in cutting cotons, so it fits very well. Sofus is doing really well and healthy with fine hair, healthy teeth, etc. He is also easy to give bath and cut nails, cut the hair around the eyes and paws.


Overall, everything goes according to plan, except that he does not really have tried to be alone for more than a quarter of an hour yet, so we're a little behind schedule in the family, but I think it will go as well as everything else :-)


Best Regards Sofus & family

Dear Brigitte and Karsten,


A greeting from us all and Ollie. We were in the day to the vet in Sønderborg by Karina for vaccination and status: Weight: 2.8 kg, healthy and incredibly curious and outgoing.


It shows he is very well socialized. He has a beautiful coat. Ollie took it so well and was praised for his tricks and his great joy with treats


You are very welcome to drop by an afternoon start December, so let us know if it fits.


Love from all of us!


Hello dear Brigitte & Karsten


Here all goes perfectly. Bali is super! He always smiles an always is happy!... and also always is hungry! :-D


He follows very closed to Antonio, but each day he is more open to the rest of the universe!


But Antonio is his favorite. He likes to sleep on his foots and follows him everywhere like a baby bird. :-) If he don't see Antonio: he cries...

With me he is also happy, he loves to kiss me.


Best wishes

Pilar, Antonio & Bali

I accept the airport!


I will make a bed for my husband in the back of my Suburban, with a nice pillow, for the long drive!  Even though he is sick, he cannot wait to get Delilah's husband.  He knows what a fantastic job you did with Delilah -


I want to tell you, again - Delilah IS the light of my husband's life - he tells me over and over, that it would not be the same without her.  Please know how much joy your dogs have brought to him, and to our family.  Even my elderly Father was here today, and when he sat down, Phoebe and Delilah jumped up on his lap, with so much love to share!!!!




I will do the money transfer either tomorrow or Friday.  Please check your emails just in case I have any questions from the bank ...


HUGS to you!!!!

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