Born: 17.12. 2008

Health information:
Patella luxation 0/0

PH1 - clear

CMR - clear

Von willebrands disease - clear

Neonatal Cerebellar Ataxi - clear

DM - clear trough parents

HU - clear trough parents

Eyes all clear




Flamencoton Bahiya

Junior World Winner 2009, World Winner 2010, DKCH NOCH INTCH DEVDHCH DECH KLBCH KSS Breed Winner 2010


Daughter of Jespersen's Flamenco Duende C.I.B. France, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, Morocco, Slovenia, Sweden, Finland CH & Brittany du Domaine de la Rouviere C.I.B. Spanish, Portugal, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Gibraltar, Morocco CH


Bahiya is the queen of the house. She has the most unique personality and temperament. Hun speechs to us, when she wants anything. She is my soulmate. She has had a fantastic show career with many titles. JWW and WW. She is retired from breeding, and she has given beautiful offsprings, like Crufts Winner 2015 Jespersen’s Excalibur.


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