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The FCI standard is the description of the breed.


You can open the Coton standard by FCI underneath.

The Coton de Tulear is a companion dog. It is known for it's very soft, white and big hair. This includes therefor grooming, which you can read about on the next pages. The Coton de Tulear has a great temperament and a great personality, which you immediately fall in love with. The coton has the temperament of a clown, super fun and happy.

They are a companion dog, and this is reflected very clearly! They love company and attention, both from humans and other animals. It's a very loyal breed, which is closely attached to there family, and the Coton de Tulear do enjoy the presence of their family. They are always happy, and loves fun and games. They love new tricks and is very quick learning dogs. You can easily achieve great understanding of various forms of training with the Coton as they are extremely intelligent.


The breed originates from the 15'th century from the town Tulea on Madagascar. It is believed that domestic dogs from Madagascar, has been mixed with the European bichon family(from France).  The Cotons later came  to Europe, where they were bred, and in 1979 there was approximately 33 Coton in France. Since then the breed has become very popular, especially because of it's happy disposition and devotion to it's surroundings. The Coton is a great family dog that easily can fit into many homes.


The first Coton was officially registered in Denmark in 1989. I started to breed Coton de Tulear's in 1995, so the Coton has for a long time been my passion.


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