Grooming is one of the things which are a part of having a Coton, but it does not need to be as complicated as many people make it. All you need to get a good start it the right techniques and tools. The Coton de Tulear has a bad reputation with grooming, many people think it is difficult, but that is not necessarily the case. It is true that it requires grooming, but it can be a good opportunity to have a nice time with your dog, especially if your puppy gets used to the grooming from the beginning. Grooming can be enjoyable!


The Coton de Tulear has no undercoat, which other breeds have; therefore it does not shed like other breeds do. This is also the reason why the Coton de Tulear is called an allergy-friendly dog. But because it does not shed it does demands grooming. The Coton de Tulear starts to get filter, if it not gets brushed. This is why grooming is so important; it is not very nice for the dogs to have big filters, so it is important to brush the Coton regularly. The Cotons change coat from puppy coat to adult coat, in this period you have to be extra careful with the grooming because the coat gets extra filters.


The coat changing is very individual from dog to dog. Some Cotons are already starting at 8 months of age when others will begin at 1 ½ years of age, and it also varies how long it takes, but it is typically around 3-6 months. This is typically the period it goes wrong for many owners, and it all gets difficult, but if you are careful with the brush you will succeed! You can of course decide to cut down the coat, and that sure reduce the grooming, but not entirely. The filters are not in the long hair – the filters are close to the skin, so you still have to brush.


The Coton coat can be destroyed very quickly if you do not clean it properly, and it may take many months to repair the damage, because the Coton hair only grows 1 cm per month. I have also tried many different brushes, products and shampoos through the years, but I have gotten to the conclusion of what works – and what does not work. If you try every product on the market, then it does not take long before the coat is completely ruined.


It is important that you do NOT brush in a dirty coat or in a dry coat because the coat will crack. Many people ask me – why don’t my dog have a long coat? – In many cases people brush in a dry or dirty coat. So therefore I recommend my puppy buyers to wash their dogs minimum once a month – and more often in the coat changing period. I wash my dogs every 10 days. The Coton coat is much easier to manage when it’s clean - and for me, nothing is more beautiful than a cared for Coton. They deserve it.


I have over the years helped many Coton owners with their dog’s coat. I therefore decided to write a book about grooming of the Coton de Tulear, because I want to help as many as possible, so you do not run into major problems with filters, and so the grooming does not becomes unmanageable. In my book you can read about:


          -    Which brushes, combs, shampoo, etc. you can use

          -    How to wash and blow dry your Coton

          -    How to groom the dog, step by step

          -    How to handle filters and a dirty coat

          -     And much more


The book provides a lot of tools, how to care for the coat. There are so many people out there who want to keep the coat nice, but they do not know to do it. It is a great science with all the products of brushes and shampoos on the market today, finding the "right" one. I have summarized the brushes and products that I think are most needed for the Coton de Tulear coat in my book, and also how they are used. I would recommend anyone who has a Coton, or wants to buy a Coton to buy the book - it's called "Grooming - coton de tulear", and can be purchased in both Danish and English. All my puppy buyers get an intensive grooming course and my grooming book when buying a Coton in Kennel Jespersen.


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