We are incredible proud of having so many beautiful "grandchildren" from Jespersen's dog - or our line. We are so happy seeing our work continuing in these lovely dogs - and so many others. On this site you can see dogs who either has a mother and/or father from kennel Jespersen, or our line.

Flamencoton Bahiya is also out of Jespersen's Duende Flamenco. Bahiya is our beloved queen. She has given us so much. For example winning 2x World Winner, and the most beautiful puppies. We are so proud to see, that her genes are passed on the next generation. For example our own Jespersen's Montana & Jespersen's Cacharell. We just everything about our sweet girl!


Junior World Winner 2009, World Winner 2010, DKCH NOCH INTCH DEVDHCH DECH KLBCH & KSS breed winner 2010

Flamencoton Eterny is out of Jespersen's Duende Flamenco. Eternity is the sister to our Bahiya, which also is World Winner. We are super proud of  Eternity, which has obtained lots of titles in just 2 years.


WORLD WINNER & BOB 2014, Junior EUROPEAN WINNER, JBOB 2013, EUROPEAN BEST BABY 2012. Champion of Croatia, Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Champion of Finland, Junior Champion of Slovenia, Austria, Croatia.

Candidate for Champion of Slovenia, Champion of Austria, INT Champion

Flamencoton Buffalo "Buffy", is also from Jespersen's Duende Flamenco, and is the litter brother to our Bahiya.

Spanish Champion,

Portugal Champion

Catalonia Champion

International Champion

Flamencoton Cloud Nine "Messi". Messi is also out of Jespersen's Duende Flamenco.


Messi is the most winning dog in the Coton De Tuléar Club 2013 in Sweden. Swedish Champion, danish Champion, finnish Champion, norwegian Champion, nordic Champion and International Champion!

Delphina from Castle of White Sweethearts, her father is Jespersen's Captain Jack Sparrow.


Coton Club Young Champion Czech republic, Junior Champion i Lithuania, Latvia, Czech republic and Slovakia. She was among the 5 best juniorfemales at WDS 2014.

Uniq Coton Conrad Scandia "Conrad", is out of Vorupør's Focus, which was my former studdog. Focus is from my line.


Danish, swedish, norwegian, nordic, german, german vdh og czech Champion. His titles: DKV11, DKV13, DKKV11, KLBCH, KLBCH12, DKKV14, DKV14, Klub breed winner 2014 and CRUFTS BOS Winner 2014

Fortuna er ud af Jespersen's Pretty Harmoni, og bor hos os. Vi elsker hendes udseende og temperament højt.

DKCH SECH DECH DEVDHCH, Dansk vinder 2011, Dansk Kennel Klub racevinder 2012

Jespersen's Odin "Aslan" is out of Jespersen's Savannah.


Aslan is the cover model for the American Coton Club Calender 2015. We are very proud of him.




Flor is out of Jespersen's Kodiac. Flor lives in Brazil. She is such a nice girl with nice pigmentation and black eyes.



Anton is out of Jespersen's Pretty Harmony, and is the litter brother to our Fortuna.

Anton is Danish and Swedish Champion.

Fianna & Ferdinand From Castle of White Sweethearts are both out of Jespersen's Jack Sparrow.



Flamencoton Extreme is out of Jespersen's Duende Flamenco, and he is the litter brother to World Winner Eternity.

Winner of his class at Crufts 2014.

Cotti's Happy New Year Emma is out of "Jespersen's Leonardo da Vinci".




Jespersen's Ocean Bandit is out of Jespersen's Savannah og Uniq Coton Conrad Scandia.

Tsachillie's Amazing Alice is out of Jespersen's Captain Jack Sparrow. Alice blev 3th best junior female at WDS 2014.

Cava Coton's Beautiful Lucia is out of Jespersen's Pearl of Madagascar and Jespersen's Chili Pepper.

Cava Coton's Audi is out of Jespersen's Pearl of Madagascar

He is also Danish Champion.

Tsachillie's Alexander the Great is also out of Jespersen's Jack Sparrow, and is the litterbrother to Tsachillie's Amazing Alice.

Jespersen's Illusion is out ofJespersen's Candice Classic & Jespersen's Chili Pepper. He is the brother to Jespersen's Mystery and Jespersen's Rose Brillant

Coton-Brendborg Braveheart Barney "Lotus" is out of Jespersen's Pandora and Jespersen's Leonardo da Vinci.

Flamencoton Andalucia "Kiwi" is out of Jespersen's Duende Flamenco. Kiwi is Danish champion and was the winner of the Champion class females at WDS 2010.

Heikki Vom Donauvillino is out of Jespersen's Maxime Luna. Maxime Luna has given so many nice off springs in Kennel Donauvillino in Germany.

Jespersen's Rose Brillant is out of Jespersen's Candice Classic & Jespersen's Chili Pepper. She is the sister to Jespersen's Illusion and Mystery.

Coton Softy's Xabi "Sigurd" is out off Jespersen's Chili Pepper. He has his face from his father.

Coton Softy's Malibu "Asia", out of Jespersen's Chili Pepper and Jespersen's Riyana.

Jespersen's Magic Mist is out of Jespersen's Mystery and Calvin CRF. Magic is a true replica of his father Calvin.

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