My name is Brigitte Jespersen, and I live in the southern part of Denmark. I am the owner of Kennel Jespersen. I live together with my beloved husband Karsten and our dogs. After a life filled with work, which I spent partly in Vienna, Austria, where I was born, in Germany, in Greenland and in Denmark, we retired in 1995.  We wanted to fulfill our dream to live in the beautiful nature with animals, we lived in a lovely house in the northern part of Denmark. It was a lovely time.


Soon I bought my first Coton and I was busy with shows.  I saw, however, that it was difficult for a beginner to get a good show dog and stud dog.  After several attempts and with the help of a mentor, I finally got my breeding stock together.  We had a beautiful country-house in the middle of a forest and we furnished it suiting our dogs.


At our first visit from the Danish Kennel Club they said:  “This is a 5 star kennel.”  Well, that is how it should be.


Through various ways, I started breeding the Havanese.  My mentor imported the first Havanese directly from Havanna, Cuba, they were  in my house in quarantine.  They were allowed to continue traveling after their six month stay to their destination--Sweden.  As thanks, I got the first puppies from these Havaneses with whom I was very successful in shows:  1999 European champion with a 15 month old bitch.


As it is with breeders, you keeps from the first litters always the favorite - suddenly you has too many dogs.  I couldn’t do justice to all of them, since I kept all dogs in beautiful long coats.  That was too much work and I couldn’t give each dog the attention he deserved.  I always had a bad conscience that not all received the same amount of love.  So with a heavy heart, I decided to sell my Havanese breeding stock to the USA and to occupy myself more with the Cotons.


From the beginning of my breeding, I was always concerned with the health of the Coton breed.  I had a big social network and through that I received a good insight into the different lines of our breed.  I was very fortunate with my dogs; they never had any illness.  For that I still thank today my mentors and good friends.


The Coton belongs to one of the healthiest breeds belonging to the group of companion dogs.  And so it should continue to be with the right attitude to breeding.  I always was determined to breed dogs typical of their breed. This means  a white coat, good pigmentation, beautiful coat and the right structure and weight.


I was successful in that:  I have been breeding Cotons for over 20 years and I bred one male, Jespersens Ajax, that was world champion three years in a row.  My own bitch, Flamencoton Bahiya was world champion for two years, and her sister became world champion BOB 2014.  Their father comes from my kennel Jespersens Duende Flamenco.


The dogs that I have now are all from my old lines.  I have helped many breeders  to start their own breeding program with good breeding stock.  This came from my own experience:  it is difficult for a new breeder to get good dogs.  They thanked me for this with many titles that their dogs won.  Today there are many champion dogs with the name of my kennel.


I don’t only breed for the future breeders.  No, many thank you letters have proven to me how happy the families are with their family dogs.

The most important thing for a puppy is a good beginning in his life:  this means a good environment, good socialization, a hands on approach from day one till he is given to the loving hands of his forever family.  For that I have the best partner in the world:  my husband Karsten who is known worldwide as the “Musch-Musch” man.  Without him I would not have a kennel.  We do everything together, starting with the birth.  The dog mama sleeps already for one week before the birth in the birthing room with Karsten.  When the birth starts,  I get called.


With three weeks, Karsten talks to the little ones with his magical words “muschmuschmusch”.  And that is impregnated into the little ones for the rest of their lifes.  When we see one of our dogs, even after one year, and he says these magical words, the Coton cannot be held back.  They remembers.   When the puppies are four weeks old, they are united with our other dogs outside the birthing room.  This educates them.  A CD with different sounds helps to get the puppies used to all the noises that they might experience in the future and takes away the fear.  A lot of correspondence proves to us that our breeding program is the right one, that the families are happy.  Many photos of their dogs prove that; many of them are already over ten years old.


We hope that we can continue for a few more years with our beautiful hobby and make several families and breeders happy.


A few years ago we moved into this apartment house in Åbenrå.


It is located on the beach and 20 minutes from the German border.

We have set it up to be dog-friendly, with a birth room and a 40 square meter all-round kitchen, where the puppies and dogs spend the whole day with us.


The dogs are on the beach every day and they love it.

My large garden has been reduced to 2 large terraces, where I can still pursue my 2nd hobby, flowers.

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